There are many types of scarf available, and it’s not always easy to choose. There are different types of material, different possibilities with regards to designs, and of course different price categories.

We believe there are 3 things that will determine which scarf you have to choose: the type of event, your design and your budget.

Let’s start with the type of event. If you’re selling scarves for an outdoor sport, your fans will want the scarves to have a functional value, i.e. to keep them warm. Therefore for a football or rugby game you will want a knitted scarf. There are still various options, namely the standard jacquard scarf, the HD Deluxe scarf and the block scarf. Our favourite is the HD Deluxe scarf, as you will be able to make beautiful scarves with it. But if you’re building out a fairly large fanshop (let’s say you’re selling at least 500 scarves a year), we recommend you to propose the 3 types of scarves to your fans. You can even have several designs per type of scarf, in order to have a wide range. As you know, everyone has a different taste.

Indoor sports are a difficult one. Obviously you don’t need a warm scarf inside, or the must be something wrong with the heating system. But your fans might want to wear the scarves outside as well. If the latter is true, we recommend the same scarves as we did earlier. If your fans will only use the scarves in the arena, we recommend printed scarves. These are thinner than the knitted scarves and will therefore not be too hot inside. Printed scarves are literally printed like a piece of paper, so you can print virtually anything without any limitations in amount of colours. This gives you the opportunity to print a photo for example, which is nearly impossible with a knitted scarf.

You’ve probably seen the half-and-half scarves in the shops around the stadium. These are scarves that are made for 1 specific game only, and contain the colours, name and logo of both teams, generally separated halfway. We generally recommend a woven scarf for this type of scarf. Woven scarves can contain a lot of details, which can be necessary if the logos are very detailed. Woven scarves can also have a lot of different colours, which is obviously necessary if both teams have distinctive colours.

The last type of event we’d like to discuss is a promotional event. These don’t necessarily have to be related to a sports event, it can be e.g. a political event, a manifestation or a company event. Generally you need large quantities, and they are given away for free. Therefore we recommend the printed scarves. For large quantities these will be the most economic. We can make them in small dimensions in order to save even more on costs.

Your design is important in the sense that we need to see how detailed it is. As explained above, if you want a picture on your scarf, you will need a printed scarf. Other scarves can also contain pictures, but they will be very pixelated. A detailed logo doesn’t mean you need a printed scarf, this can be solved with an embroidery or an patch that is embroidered to the scarf.

Finally your budget can determine the scarf you need. We obviously recommend you to offer quality scarves to your fans if you’re selling them. But for events where the scarves are handed out for free, e.g. by a sponsor, we usually recommend printed or woven scarves. These will be a lot cheaper in larger quantities.

We’ll be happy to advice you. We can help with the design of your scarf and even send you some samples if you need these to make a decision. We’re here to help!