We are happy to make a few designs for the items you want to order.

These designs are free of charge.  3 additional adjustments are also free of charge.

What we need from you:

– Logo in vector file ( .pdf, .ai of .png)

– Text, lyrics, titles, names we may use in our designs

– Colours to apply in our designs

– Possible examples of designs you already like

– Perhaps you are looking for a new logo design? Just ask … we’ll be happy to help you out! (*not free of charge)

Naturally … you’ll order all the items  we design for you.
When we realise you’re applying for several designs without placing an order … we will be forced to charge you the working hours!

Choice made? Place your order!

What we need from you:

– Your choice of articles and designs

– Quantity

– Billing data  (Don’t forget to mention -if needed- your VAT number)

– Delivery address

You will receive an order confirmation (invoice).  Sampling starts after this invoice is processed.  

Ways of paying?

– Bank Transfer (standaard)

– Banc card or Credit card

– Paypal

We’re aming to provide you with a product that lives up to your wishes and commands.

Therefor we advice you to sample your product first.

What will it cost?

It’s free of charge for most of our products.

We have to charge you an additional sampling fee for for some of our products, just because the sampling process takes up to many time and energy.

Naturally … we’ll inform you when you’re placing your order.

How long does it take?

Sampling last a week. You’ll receive a picture of your finished product (sample) to approve.

If necessary, we can also send the sample by mail. This will take some extra time. We can charge you extra for this shipping.

What if I don’t approve the sample?

If there are clear and understandable differences between the sample and the original design, the sample can be disapproved!

We will make a new sample … free of charge of course!

If you decide to change the original design, we can charge you for a new design.

Rule number one : Check your design carefully before you order!

If you wish for a specific delivery date, it’s important to inform us before we start the production.

Depending on production capabilities, we will be conforming this delivery date.

The ordered quantity can slightly be different than the delivered quantity. Why is this? 

Some products are fabricated in larger quantity. After a Quality Check the bad products will be removed.

Therefor the quantity can be slightly different after delivery!

The difference can go up to 10%, but most of the time it’s less.

We’ll allways bill you the difference.

Any Questions? Please contact us …